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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It would be easier to say “What I am not doing…”

Dear all

I have been super manic this year yet I am itching to make another film! It would be easier to say “What I am not doing…”.

Updates have gone down since the ‘Rose’ premier in Northampton but I assure you I have been kept busy (thank God especially in such a time of economic decline). There is so much going on so please get in touch if you’re a creative that wants to get on board whatever your talent maybe.

Thank you for your continued support



‘THE LAST HIT’ a Kemal Yildirim film created from old BloodWolf footage where “love is the only thing worth dying for”. This short action/drama film will be circulating film festivals soon.

‘LESS IS MORE’ was screened at the UK’s 3rd Cypriot Film Festival 2009 which was showcased and promoted by the festival alongside other creative Cypriot talent. This is the second film festival for ‘Less is More’ and continues to shock it’s audience.

GOREZONE CELEBRITY GHOSTHUNT - I had the priviledge of directing actor Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers, Event Horizon) in the ghosthunting pilot show to be picked up by Virgin Media. This fantastic show was filmed at the stunning location Bolebroke Castle Hotel; home to King Henry VIII and other ghastly ghouls. The pilot also features actors Craig Conway (Doomsday), Leslie Simpson (Beyond the Rave), horror goddess Emily Booth (Dog House), model Rebecca Middleton, Celebrity Big Brother Hijack Liam Young (Britain’s youngest made millionnaire).

‘ROSE’ has officially gone into development and is becoming feature length as we speak. More news coming soon!!

Bubble TV is touring the nation, hosted by MC Champagne Bubblee and directed by myself filming exclusive interviews with celebs such as Masters of Ceremonies MC DT, MC Pied Piper, Light Heavyweight British Boxing Champion Danny MacIntosh, Singer and ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena, plus many more… watch this space - trailers coming soon!!

FILM FESTIVALS COMING UP - Horror short film ‘Wolf Cry’ and experimental art film ‘Flicker’ has made the official selection into The End of the Pier International Festival 2009. I am ever so excited and this is fantastic recognition for both films.

Location: The Ritz at the Connaught Theatre, Union Place, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1LG.

‘Wolf Cry’ - Sunday 26th April, 9pm, Horror Shorts.

‘Flicker’ - Thursday 30th April, 7pm, Experimental.

Visit here for details on travel and tickets.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Kemal Yildirim & his film ‘Rose’ hits International News…

Kemal Yildirim and his film ‘Rose’ features in Turkish Newspaper the ‘Avrupa Gazete’:

“Northampton filmmaker Kemal Yildirim and his film ‘Rose’ Northampton filmmaker of Turkish heritage Kemal Yildirim filmed and directed a social drama short film in 2008 called ‘Rose’ on an extremely low budget using local talent and locations…” click on the link below to read the full article.

As always thank you for your support.

Kemal Yildirim

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ Hits The News Again…

The Northampton Charity Screening of ‘Rose’ features in local newspaper The Herald & Post.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Charity Film Screening of ‘Rose’ a Success… Thank You

Last week was the charity screening of Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ in Northampton. The night was a success and on behalf of the ‘Rose’ group Kemal wishes to thank you all for your support - To those who turned up and to those who couldn’t and still support the film in their own way.

Kemal is pleased that we raised over £600 for CAN and NRICC, the charities are as ever thankful to you as well. These charities were chosen as they support causes highlighted in the film helping to raise awareness to these situations and the support networks available to people in ‘Rose’s’ situation.

It does not end here, ‘Rose’ is being developed into a feature film so if you are a creative and would like to get involved on this or any other Kemal Yildirim production in any way shape or form then please email

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ to screen in Northampton

Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ based on a true story…

Charity Film Screening:

7pm, 15th January 2009

The Picturedrome, Northampton

£5.00 entry at the door, raffle and auction

Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ is a story of one girl’s struggle to escape the prison of prostitution and reclaim her life from the vicious circle of poverty and drugs she has been locked into from an early age. Her name is Rose. This is her true story.

Funds raised from the night will be donated to charities that support issues highlighted in the film:

CAN - County of Northampton Council on Addiction

“Hi, Kemal. We are deeply grateful that you intend to help CAN through the screening of your film and are proud to have an association with you…” Andy Shaw, Fundraising Coordinator, CAN.

NRICC - The Northamptonshire Rape & Incest Centre

The event is also recognised and supported by EVAW - End Violence Against Women

For more details email

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

BBC Radio Northampton Interviews ‘Rose’ Director

Kemal Yildirim was interviewed live on BBC Radio Northampton about his latest film ‘Rose’. To listen to the interview click on the icon below (interview starts at 1:38:55):

Kemal is now holding a charity screening of the film in Northampton…

Time: 7pm

Date: Thursday 15th January 2009

Location: The Picturedrome, Northampton

Tickets: £5.00 per person

Funds raised from the night will be donated to charities that support issues highlighted in the film. For more details email

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BBC Radio Northampton to Interview ‘Rose’ Director

Time: 07:40 AM

Date: Wednesday 10th December 2008

Support the cause and tune in to BBC Radio Northampton 104.2, 103.6 FM or listen live online:

BBC Radio have been following Northampton director Kemal Yildirim’s career and are very excited about his new short film ‘Rose’. The film uses local talent, resources and locations and due to great interest and media attention this true story is being developed into a feature film.

This is a gritty social drama that is capturing the hearts of it’s audience. For more details email

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Exploitation Director’s Cut On Sale Now

An Exclusive Offer Exploitation 6 Disc Boxset With Documentaries Audio Commentaries Trailer’s And Much More!! Special Price £15.99+PP “BUY IT NOW”
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KEMAL YILDIRIM’S ‘RoSE’ EXCLUSIVELY PREMIERED at Manchester hot spot the Ikan Restaurant, Lounge and Bar on 13th November 2008.

Kemal Yildirim at exclusive 'Rose' premier

The extravagant red carpet affair welcomed the young British Director accompanied with the main cast and crew of ‘Rose’. The venue screened a selection of Kemal Yildirim’s films to socialites before exclusively premiering ‘Rose’ which received much media attention.

‘Rose’ is a social drama, “the film is about Rose dealing with the difficulties of life, where she tries to deal with her drug addiction and having lost her child to social services. It’a also a love story: Rose’s love for her child and the love that her and Tony (Rose’s lover) share. ‘Rose’ really is a modern day Romeo and Juliet…” says Director Kemal Yildirim.

The short film was shot on location in urban Northampton with the film set based amidst a tower block jungle setting the tone for the film. Rose is a complicated character from a broken background played by new talent and lead actress Helen Clifford. The story of Rose is based on true events that happened to someone close to Kemal therefore it was imperitive that she was portrayed correctly, Helen Clifford rised to the challenge and delivered a fantastic performance. “The character (Rose) was cemented in the form of what it was and Helen managed to bring true innocence to the character so the audience could feel sorry for her. That is what I needed” says Kemal.

Established actor Jack Marsden (Heartbeat, My Kingdom, The Cops) plays Tony, the lover to Rose and the right hand man of drug pushing gangster pimp Blondie, played by up and coming actor Rami Hilmi (Exploitation The Movie, Extraordinary Rendition). The controversial film plays a graphic rape scene which was very emotional to film, not only for the actors but for Kemal Yildirim who based the character on actual events. “Kemal is a risk taker as a director and gives the chance to actors to show different styles, genres and emotions and he challenges me… especially with the rape scene” says Rami Hilmi. With a star cast, astounding performances and tight scripting from Alexander Bakshaev, ‘Rose’ has captured media attention and is on the cards to be made into a feature film forcasted to take the UK by storm.

This was a very sensitive subject so Kemal takes no liberty in a bit of light banter on set (evident from the ‘Making of’ documentary), to keep spirits high. Also, what was lacking in financial backing was certainly made up by commitment and support from all those involved, “There is a lot of energy and focus and the final cut of the film is going to be amazing” says Rami Hilmi and Jack Marsden said that “everybody has a part to play to make the whole thing work.” The film boasts on screen charisma, quality special effects make-up, an original soundtrack and in terms of behind the scenes, the cast and crew have all come together and taken the project on as their own to realise Kemal Yildirim’s vision.

The twenty minute film ‘Rose’ was shot over a period of two days by the dedicated independant filmmaking team working under the film production company ‘Exploitation Pictures’. Jack Marsden commends Kemal on his passion for film “Carry on doing what your doing Kemal. If I can do anything- if I find the money for Kemal and his team to extrapolate, I mean we filmed a twenty minute film in two days, that is ridiculous! That is soap territory and hard hard work and if we could do that in feature film territory then we could have a serious future.”

The underlying message is that this is an underground UK production representing true British talent. Director Kemal Yildirim wanted to personally thank everyone who took part in the film, “what we managed to achieve on a small timescale and budget was nothing short of a miracle and that is down to everyone taking this project on board and not feeling like they’re making someone else’s film but their own film and taking it in their hearts. Thank you, that means a lot to me.”

For general/press info email

Click here to view the ‘Rose’ synopsis and promotional trailer from director Kemal Yildirim, (’Rose’ contains scenes of violence, nudity and bad language which may offend).

Hot News! Exploitation Pictures, co-owners Kemal Yildirim and Jason Impey, are currently in pre-production with GoreZone Magazine and are set to produce and direct ‘Labour Day’ an exciting UK horror feature. More Exclusive News Coming Soon To Kemal Yildirim’s Blog!!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008



Kemal Yildirim’s film The BloodWolf Legacy has gone back into production. With a new script and story structure in place and a new sense of direction this looks to be a promising production, “I was in a different place in my life when making the BloodWolf, I was working 40 to 80 hours a week and shooting in my spare time and the film suffered. I had immense help it was a small crew of me, Ali Yildirim, Saima Yildirim and Monica Sandanasamy who took on all of the roles of a production crew. We have never really been happy with the end result and this Re-Dux gives us a chance to make the story we always wanted to make. Having Ali Yildirim Re-writing the story is an exciting experience knowing how brilliant his stories and scripts are gives me the confidence that I will have the BloodWolf I always envisioned”. Production is due to commence in early 2009 with a fantastic cast and a crew of very talented people, this looks to be a very promising production. If you are interested in this production in regards of talent or crew or wish to invest financially contact


Kemal Yildirim has been asked by GoreZone Magazine to be their official model for the GoreZone weekend of horrors “I was stunned when they asked me but really excited, I am going to have extensive special effects make-up done by Robbie Drake (Night Breed). It’s something I have always wanted to experience and they’re going to make me into an inbred monster - brilliant!” This is an exclusive make up show so watch this space for pictures and updates. GoreZone TV will be screening the make up process on their website after their event in October so look out for that one


The exclusive interview with Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey will be in GoreZone magazine this month. It is to include a film review of Exploitation the movie and a candid talk with the directors so go and buy your copy at your nearest store!!


Kemal’s much anticipated film “ROSE” is complete and a special screening is being held in a prestigious Manchester venue with a host of producers, casting agents and celebrities attending. The event is a joint venture between Jack Marsden and Kemal Yildirim with Jack organising the event in collaboration with Kemal to launch a string of upcoming co-productions. This is an invite only event, if you are interested in attending or you wish to find out more about this production which screened in Cannes 2008 and received favourable reviews then contact Kemal on


Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey’s film End Transmission is reaching a massive audience, being broadcast live each month on the GoreZone website and receiving hits well into the hundred thousands!! GoreZone are so happy with End Transmission and have announced that they will be handling the distribution exclusively through their magazine and on their online store. Look out for that after its air play on

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Developments

The world is going “Exploitation” crazy. Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey held an exclusive screening of the Grindhouse film in the London’s oldest running cinema, The Phoenix, to an unsuspecting audience. To say they were shocked was an understatement; five people walked out, finding the film to sickening and disturbing to watch…..

“Fantastic, that was the response we we’re going for” say directors/Producers  Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey.  “We are trying to recreate the double bill cinema of the 60’s & 70’s. We are fans of that cinema ourselves and are disappointed with the recent films”.

The screening was a great success with some major magazines and distributors knocking at the door. The time has come for the distribution part of this adventure; the worst nightmare of all independent filmmaker’s. So far, there is major interest in “Exploitation”, with seven major distributors in talks with Kemal & Jason. Who are really excited about this project and are in talks about funding for their future productions.

GoreZone magazine is featuring a two page article on Exploitation-the movie including an interview & review of the movie as a well as a regular spot on future productions.

An unrated / uncut director’s edition of “Exploitation” is available as a fantastic six disc box set. It includes the making of documentary’s /audio commentaries/Trailers/Stills & Artwork gallery’s with  special limited  edition lobby cards in a deluxe full colour dvd cover for the amazing price of £15.99(+pp). For your copy, or more info, contact Kemal & Jason on



Jason Impey & Kemal Yildirim have merged to form an umbrella company called

Company Logo

Company Logo

This company is in association GoreZone Magazine/GoreZone TV who have asked Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey to handle all their film & TV media content (Regular film & tv show featuring interviews & reviews of new horror movies/A series of 30mins tv shows based in the horror genre).

Exploitation Pictures is slated to produce a tv series linked with a high profile terrestrial satellite channel (TBC) In association with GoreZone Magazine.

END TRANSMISSION Dir/Producers Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey newest 30 minute short is being featured as GoreZone’s Tv launch on their horror weekend on the 18th & 19th October 2008 this is big news the event is being screened live on Sci-Fi channel  and being attended by some very high profile celebrities and media types (buy your tickets from )

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