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Friday, May 14, 2010

Secrets To Premier In Cannes

It’s official ‘Secrets’ Is premiering in the film capital ‘Cannes’

With two screenings already booked and more dates being added to the Cannes tour we are overwhelmed at what we have achieved so far. More updates and pictures after the screenings. A UK tour is currently being organized so watch this space.

“The Turning”

Starring Kemal Yildirim Currently In Production

The new feature film from underground film maker Jason Impey and starring Kemal Yildirim is set for a 2010 release. A combination of social drama and extreme gore “The Turning”

Dillon & Stacy In Danger

Dillon & Stacy In Danger

“Desire leads to murder, Murder leads to passion and passion leads to The Turning”

Jason Impey is an award winning film-maker who’s passion for making shocking horror films has not gone unnoticed being touted as the English “Andreas Schnass” and continuing his prolific output “The Turning” is his 13th Feature Film and looks to be his most ambitious and engaging film yet.

Trapped With No Escape

Trapped With No Escape

A deadly affair leads to a brutal murder which takes Dillon and Stacy into an evil world of the UNDEAD”

Film maker Kemal Yildirim who is Jason Impey’s Collaborator and acts as his co-producer as well as his Director Of Photography steps in front of the camera to star as “Dillon Slater” a man who is running from the dark side of his life until one day the girl he once loved reaches to him for help set against a back drop of apocalyptic Zombie-doom.

Stacy's slow transformation

Stacy's slow transformation

More details coming soon! For more details go to “The Turning” Page

A Promo For “The Turning’

Kemal Yildirim as Dillon Slater
Lianne Robertson as Stacy Gallagher
Rami Hilmi as Quaid Hess
Max James Fellows as Michael Gallagher

Co-Producer/Writer/Director    Jason Impey

Co-Producer                              Kemal Yildirim

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tales of the Dead-International Distribution

The official dvd cover

The official dvd cover

My first internationally distributed film ‘Tales of the Dead’ will be hitting stores soon. An anthology in the style of an Amicus film with four short tales wrapped around a halloween party where five friends are trying to out do each other with more disturbing stories than the last.

The film contains award winning film ‘Less Is More’ which was shown as apart of ‘Zone Horrors’ ten best short films, ‘Wolf Cry’ nominated best horror at the ‘EOTP’ film festival 2009, ‘Penance’ a giallo inspired exploitation yarn and ‘Missing’ about a cursed street told in a modern Blair Witch style.

The release will feature special features and will be available soon watch this space for details…

Crossed Paths

I recently was asked to direct a university film as a part of their final dissertation piece. Shot using the Mike Leigh methods of heavy improvisations and strong character development to establish a completely realistic set of characters. The actors never knew what the story was about and knew nothing about the other characters unless they had a previous connection. I also used the teachings of Sandford Meisner so the actors could reach a complete sense of realism within each scene and really feel they we’re in the moment.

I am extremely proud of the project and the way the actors relished the challenge of not knowing where they were going within the story, they would simply exist within the world I created I will be posting a trailer on my site as soon as one is ready.

Special Thanks:

To Jason Impey for your help once again

& The University of Northampton for their support

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Commended in Bittersweet Review

Kemal Yildirim is proud to be commended as Director of Photography in Alex Bakshaev’s arthouse film ‘Bittersweet’:

“…stylish lighting and use of colour, imaginative camera angles and lengthy passages of contemplative solitude…

Aesthetically, BITTERSWEET transcends it’s meagre origins and frequently looks stunning - particularly in the latter moments. Kemal Yildirim’s photography adds gravitas to the already unsettlingly otherworldly situations…” Stuart Willis, Sex Gore Mutants.

‘Bittersweet’ provided Kemal the opportunity to explore arthouse in camera and as Alex’s editor of choice for the film Kemal was only too pleased to receive the recognition.

“I worked on Bittersweet whilst making my short film Rose. It was a challenge to say the least during production and in post, especially after completing the edit in two working days! It was a pleasure to work on and am pleased for Alex, I hope the film gets out there to a wider audience” Kemal Yildirim.

To read the full review on ‘Bittersweet’ visit

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

Dear all

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a festive season and are not too troubled by the crazy weather.

It’s times like these that force me to take time out and reflect on what’s passed and what’s to come. I’ve blinked and so much has happened and I am so excited about 2010 and what’s in store I can barely contain myself!! So here’s the lowdown on what’s been in 2009 and what’s to come in 2010…Enjoy!

Award Winner!! I am so proud to have received awards for the following:

  • ‘Flicker’ - Best Experimental Short (EOTP International Film Festival)
  • ‘Wolf Cry’ - Nominated Best Horror Short (EOTP International Film Festival)
  • ‘Less is More’ - Zone Horror Cut Film of the Day and Official Selection for Cypriot Film Festival London

‘End Transmission’ Horror Mini TV Series broadcast on GoreZoneTV online to receive rave reviews.

Film Forum - Hosting a new article featuring my Top Horror Films from the 80’s. Please comment, compliment or critise!

‘Tales of the Dead’ - this was a surprise to me too! A Brand New anthology of my horror shorts complete and set for distribution and available soon! Featuring the award winning ‘Less is More’, nominated best horror film ‘Wolf Cry’, giallo style ‘Penance’, and the notorious ‘Missing’.

‘Secrets’ - Feature length realist drama film “in the Can” and in post-production to circuit festivals this year.

‘Rose’ - Feature length drama film in development with award winning writer Steve Loveless and set to go into pre-production very soon!! (I imagine this to be before I blink again!)

www.ChampagneBubblee.TV - as ever directing, filming and editing this hot urban show, episode 4 now online.

‘Lullably’ - my new baby in early stages of development when I am not inundated with the above!! :o)

There is probably so much more so check out my site for details and keep in touch fellow creatives.


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

All New & Coming Soon!!

Exclusive News!

“Secrets” in the Can!!

“Secrets” the all new realist drama film from Kemal Yildirim. What started as a short has now evolved into a feature length movie on friendship; stemmed from innocence, enthralled by hidden angst and destroyed by love. Shot in the vein of Mike Leigh in 7 shooting days using 35mm lenses with an improvised script this film is a strong collaborative effort between Director and cast to develop the characters and plot to produce such realism. The film is near completion having wrapped the last film shoot in November and in post-production to begin touring film festivals in the New Year.. Check out the exclusive promo trailer here.

“St. Elmo’s Fire” meets “Right at Your Door” where “a night of fun turns to a night of truths”.

For details or to get involved contact

Kemal Yildirim’s “Rose” Not Forgotten

The feature film is in development with award winning writer Stephen Loveless and making waves in the industry… our lips are sealed for now! Watch this space!!

The Film Forum

Are you like me? Completely obsessed with film and anything to do with it? Do you spend hours agonising over the new remake of your favourite film or analysing all the classics? Then we have a lot in common. I will be publishing regular articles on the Film Forum and the only common thread is Film. You can contribute and feature on the Film Forum too so get writing! Your article can be any length and subject as long as it’s film related and email to

We are looking for regular contributors so contact me for more details.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

BBC Radio Interview Kemal on Award Winning Film ‘fLicker’ to Screen 4th June.

Kemal was brought on air by BBC Radio Northampton to discuss his award winning film ‘fLicker’ and it screening on Thursday 4th June at The Picturedrome Northampton courtesy of The Film Lab.

Kemal talks about making ‘fLicker’ and what it means to him, filmmaking in the local community, the importance of festivals/screenings and also about his current feature project ‘Rose’ in development.

You can listen to the interview here (interview starts at 1:45:03).

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Award Winning Film to Screen in Northampton

Kemal Yildirim was awarded Best Experimental Short Film for ‘fLicker‘ at The End of the Pier Intenational Festival in April 2009.  Kemal now plans to screen his award winning film in his home town.

“I get a lot of support from Northampton in my career as a filmmaker and as a filmmaker mentor in the youth engagement work that I do. Therefore it is important for me to share my success.”

Providing this opportunity is The Film Lab who screen and display films, photography and visual arts promoting local art and music. To be screened at Northampton’s screening hot spot The Picturedrome who previously housed Kemal’s charity screening of ‘Rose‘ which is now in development to be made into a feature film by the end of 2009.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my film on the big screen again and it’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded creatives.”

Kemal Yildirim’s award winning film ‘fLicker‘ is coming to Northampton at The Film Lab.

The Picturedrome, Kettering Road, Northampton, NN1 4BN.

Thursday 4th June 2009, 9pm - 10pm.


For more details on Kemal Yildirim email

To contact The Film Lab email

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

End of the Pier International Film Festival Award Winner

Kemal Yildirim was awarded Best Experimental Short Film for ‘fLicker‘ at the The End of the Pier International Film Festival Awards ceremony last night held at The Ritz at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing.

“I am so surprised I really did not expect this. I would like to thank Helen Clifford the actress who starred in the film. Thank you”.

Kemal was pleased to have two of his films ‘Wolf Cry‘ and ‘fLicker‘ officially selected to screen at such a prestigious festival. “I made my horror short ‘Wolf Cry‘ a good few years ago and ‘fLicker‘ I made last year with virtually no money it was also my first stab at the experimental genre, and to walk away with an award was the icing on the cake.” Up against some tough competition in the short horror film category Kemal was only too pleased to congratulate David Pope who won the award for Best Horror Short “Creeping Thirst”.

The awards ceremony was followed by the after party at the Burlington hotel at the seafront. “I had a fantastic week here at the festival in Worthing, having met some crazy filmmakers like myself in such a great place. Festival directors Bryan Gartside and Roz Anderson did a great job so I thank them and the team for recognising my work.”

Watch this space: Kemal Yildirim’s vlog on the End of The Pier International Film Festival - coming soon!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

End of The Pier International Film Festival to screen my films…

The Gala night at the Burlington Hotel on the seafront was amazing. A red carpet affair rubbing shoulders with the likes of Brian Capron aka “Killer Corrie Hillman”, sipping champagne and sampling canopes… an opportunity not to be missed to network with budding filmmakers and actors.

My films, horror short ‘Wolf Cry’ and experimental art film ‘fLicker’ made the official selection into The End of The Pier Film Festival and both films will be screened at The Ritz at the Connaught Theatre. I am ever so excited and this is fantastic recognition for both films. I hope to see you there!

Location: The Ritz at the Connaught Theatre, Union Place, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1LG.

‘Wolf Cry’ - Sunday 26th April, 9pm, Horror Shorts.

‘Flicker’ - Thursday 30th April, 7pm, Experimental.

Visit here for details on travel and tickets.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

‘ROSE’ is the Word…

KEMAL YILDIRIM’S ‘ROSE’ THE FEATURE FILM IS IN DEVELOPMENT TO GO INTO PRODUCTION IN WINTER 2009. It’s official and no April fools, major meetings are happening and ‘Rose’ is the word on everyone’s lips. Top producers have picked up the project with a distribution deal in place and is in talks  to get the film in the can by the end of this year! Arghhhhhhhh! Watch this space and if you wish to get involved or want more details email

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