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Friday, July 1, 2011

Tales of the Dead

The official dvd cover

The official dvd cover

‘Tales of the Dead’ is my first internationally distributed film through Chemical Burn Entertainment and is available to buy now. An anthology in the style of an Amicus film with four short tales wrapped around a halloween party with five friends trying to out do each other with more disturbing stories than the last.

The film contains award winning film ‘Less Is More’ screened at Fright Fest 2008 one of ‘Zone Horrors’ ten best short films and making Official Selection for London’s Cypriot Film Festival 2009, ‘Wolf Cry’ nominated best horror at the ‘EOTP’ film festival 2009, ‘Penance’ a giallo inspired exploitation yarn and ‘Missing’ a cursed street told in a modern Blair Witch style.

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CutZoneHorror on Less is More

“Brilliant CUT! Short from Kemal Yildirim. Exactly what a short horror film should be - professional production, original, solid idea and deeply provocative. You have a strong foundation for a brilliant directing career.”

From Brett G of ‘Oh The Horror’

Tales of the Dead is really more aptly described as a collection of short films by Yildirim, as each of the segments actually comes complete with title and credit sequences. As such, don’t expect any sort of narrative through-line or connection between the stories; of course, this is hardly a knock, as many anthologies have taken this route. Instead,  The most accomplished is the opening tale, which manages to take a bizarre, interesting concept (a woman who willingly wants to become an amputee) down some interesting and dark narrative paths. (Read more here)

From Fred Anderson at Ninja Dixon

I always appreciate a good anthology, and Tales of the Dead is a bit uneven – but in some parts very good – collection of horror stories all directed by UK filmmaker Kemal Yildrim. Last time I reviewed something similar was Alex Bakshaev’s Naked Trip with Jason Impey in the lead. Both gentlemen are involved in this project, especially Impey as a cinematographer and actor. As a former indie-filmmaker myself it’s extra fun to see what colleagues makes with little money and a lot of passion…

Tales of the Dead consists of four short movies (five if I count the surrounding story, binding all together) and first out is Less is More, which for me also was the best of the bunch. Caroline Nash is May Walker, a woman who “suffers” from Body integrity identity disorder, she wants to have parts of her body removed. Her marriage with Steve (Gary Halliday) is strained, and soon she decides to help herself to the perfect body…

First of all, Caroline Nash and Gary Halliday is brilliant as the couple. Nash makes a top-notch performance as a woman who just wants to be happy, but in her only little way. Yildrim’s direction is excellent and together with Impley’s camera work, this is a great and moody little piece of relationship/body-horror.

Next is Wolf Cry, about a young man who obvious can’t separate fact from fiction anymore. His life is movies, movies, movies and the relationship with his mother is getting worse and worse. He starts to get hallucinations and soon he’s more into horror stories than in real life.

I like the idea with this movie, and some parts of it looks great and has the perfect atmosphere. The realistic drama in between the horror-sequences don’t work as good as with Less is More. The actors is fine though. It’s getting better with Penance, a giallo-style serial killer story with a big dose of S&M. A gory killing, a depressed alcoholic cop and some stylish set-pieces makes this a decent and fun episode.

Last, but not least, is the Blair Witch-style Cromwell’s Curse where a cursed street has the lead. It’s the classic found footage, and here I would have loved some more horror, some more twists – but it’s a concept that works and it’s something that could work as a feature length movie too.

Less is More is the highlight of a good, but slightly uneven anthology-movie. Kemal Yildrim is clearly a great talent, and I would love to see a slow moving disturbing drama with horror elements, like the first short movie, as a feature.

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