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Friday, June 1, 2012


What started as a short film is now a feature length movie on friendship; stemmed from innocence, enthralled by hidden angst and destroyed by love. Shot in the vein of Mike Leigh in 7 shooting days using 35mm lenses with an improvised script this film is a strong collaborative effort between Director and cast to develop the characters and plot to produce such realism.

The original cut of ‘Secrets’ was screened in Cannes 2010 and received great reviews however a directorial decision was made to refine this organic piece of work. “I am excited about the fundamental changes I am making after which I can truely say that the film is complete”. Kemal Yildirim

Reviews on

“Secrets is all about relationships, ambiguity and the loss of innocence.

Secrets is almost like a moving watercolor. It’s got focus; but different approaches and ideas flow into one another, offering complexity and a touch of chaos without sacrificing overall coherence.” Click Here to read more

Screened in Cannes 2010

‘Secrets’ received it’s first exclusive screening on 13th May 2010 at the world famous Carlton Hotel, Cannes, to a star studded audience at the Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage party. Followed by a screening of a more urban setting, screened to movie goers streetside on La Croisette. ‘Secrets‘ featured on the last night of mobile film festival Cannes in a Van on 20th May 2010, showing real indie filmmaking at its best. Kemal was honoured to have his film as the last feature that ended the Cannes in a Van 2010 film festival tour.

It looks to be a promising start for this low budget feature film shot in only seven days and directed in a unique way. Using improvisations and extreme long takes to create a sense of reality within the film about six friends as they struggle in their own way to deal with loss, love & betrayal.

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Thoughts when the project was conceived:

“The film is an experiment of creative freedom & genuine interplay between actors and total realism there is no fixed ending as I want to develop that with the actors. The skeletal structure of the story is there but will evolve with the characters and their actions. Each character will evolve their own ending  opening options within their world” Kemal Yildirim (2009).

Main Cast:

Lane               Jack Marsden

Tamer           Kemal Yildirim

Vania             Helen Clifford

Sabri              Rami Hilmi

Eloise             Lucy White

Ivy                  Leila Cox


Kemal Yildirim              Story/Producer/Director/Editor

Jason Impey                  Director Of Photography/Sound

Alex Baranowski           Musical Composer

Agaazit Haileselassie    Production Assistance

Muntazahir Kazmi         2nd AD

Saima Yildirim               Line Producer

Leila Cox                       Make-Up

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