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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Feature Films

Malady (Producer/Actor) - Ready for Festivals

Rose (Director/Producer) - Awarded Van Gogh Cinematic Vision Award, Amsterdam Film Festival 2012. Officially Selected & Screened at London Independent Film Festival 2012. Due for release early 2014 with Shami Media.

Secrets (Director/Producer/Writer/Actor) - Exclusive screening at Abu Dhabi Heritage & Culture party, Carlton Hotel, Cannes 2010, screened at film festival Cannes in a Van 2010

Shades of a Killer (Director/Producer/Writer) - (Distribution by Maxim Media released 6th March 2012)

Tales of the Dead (Director/Producer/Writer) - Horror Anthology (Distribution by Chemical Burn Entertainment)

Click here to purchase

Click here to purchase

Short Films

The Raven (Director) - Awarded Best Horror Short screened at Loch Ness Film Festival 2011 & End of the Pier International Film Festival 2011

The Ticket Collector (Director) - screened at The Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival 2011

Flicker (Director) - Awarded Best Experimental Short screened at End of The Pier International Film Festival ‘09/Screened at The Gate Films Eat my Shorts ‘09, screened at Cinematopia @ LIFE festival 2010

Rose (Director) - screened at Cannes 2008, premiered in Manchester 2008 & Charity screening in Northampton 2009

Less Is More (Director/Producer/Writer) - ZoneHorror CUT Short Film Competition awarded Top 10 Film, ZoneHorror CUT film of the day 14/01/09, screened at UK Cypriot Film Festival 2009, included in horror anthology Tales of the Dead

Web & Television

End Transmission (Co-Director) - 10 part Mini series premiered at GoreZone Film Festival 2008, exclusive broadcast on GoreZone TV

Slayer’s Prophecy (Director) TV Series pilot

Slayers Prophecy

Wolf Cry (Director) broadcast on Propeller TV, Sky, Halloween Special, screened at End of The Pier International Film Festival, included in horror anthology Tales of the Dead

Wolf Cry

Nocturnal Behaviour: Haunting on Bridge Street - Paranormal Documentary

The Collector (Director) broadcast on Propeller TV, Sky, Halloween Special


Bubblee TV

GoreZone Celebrity Ghosthunt TV Pilot

Mushroom Cloud: Make a Change Popumentary

Nataya Pop Video & Promo broadcast on Maltese Television

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