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Thursday, January 30, 2014


a Kemal Yildirim film

Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Cinematic Vision Award 2012

Due for release in 2014 with Shami Media


Based On A True Story

Directed by award winning filmmaker Kemal Yildirim

Written by Daphne Du Maurier award winner Stephen Loveless

A social realist drama feature film of one woman’s plight to reclaim her life in a trapped world of drugs and prostitution. The harsh reality and controversial content has not deterred Kemal, “this is a story that needs to be heard” and with the support of his local community, local businesses and county council the project is more than just a film, its a movement. Having raised money previously for CAN and NRICC the film will continue to support charities like these through the ROSE foundation set up in honour of the real ROSE. This film is filled with Kemal’s heart and soul, featuring a dynamite cast. For news, gossip and hype check out the official website for Rose the film, like our facebook page and follow us on twitter we need your support to make ROSE everything it can be!

About ROSE the film

ROSE [Helen Clifford, 'Secrets'] knows only the moment and in every one of those moments she feels her flesh like a butcher handles meat. Her flesh bleeds and burns, her flesh is pain, her flesh earns her money to get things that hide the pain for a short, stolen brightness.

Rose is a prostitute and BLONDIE [Mike Mitchell, 'Zombie Massacre'] is her pimp, a crime lord and his empire, his realm of Hellville collapses over a few days, and the catalyst is Rose, a seemingly insignificant single mother and junkie.

Rose is the secret lover of Blondie’s right-hand man TONY [Patrick Regis, 'Rise of the Footsoldier'] and the only man he trusts to call friend. Tony is Blondie’s chief enforcer and helps run the Hellville Club, he is also a bare-knuckle boxer, the fading reminder of a missed opportunity as a professional fighter.

Rose desperate for a fix turns a trick for cash not knowing that Blondie is having her watched. ELLIE [Chelsea Alcock], Rose’s daughter is in tow, a silent presence in her mother’s dark world.


Helen Clifford as ROSE

Mike Mitchell as BLONDIE

Patrick Regis as TONY

Eileen Daly as YONDRA

Lucy White as MAGDALENA

Rami Hilmi as BALDO

Gary Cross as FILTHY MICK

Natalie Arikan as HANIM ASENA

and introducing Chelsea Alcock as ELLIE

Also starring:

Elaine Hartley, Gemma Crabtree & Genevieve Cleghorn, Council Kids and Eileen & The Courtesans


Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Angeliki Coconi ,

“Kemal Yildirim’s brave independent drama is not easy to watch - especially not by a woman. Rose is a story full of pain, violence, injustice and vicious cycles. But it’s also one of redemption and long-awaited, much-needed relief.” Visit to read more!

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Stephen Aspeling,

“…redeemed by Yildirim’s vision for the project, taking it to so very real and dark places with a flair for the cinematic. The cinematography is always fascinating, the performances (especially Mitchell’s) keep us locked into the world of Hellville and there’s an ever-present air of unpredictability and danger.” to read more visit Spling!

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Michael Clark,

“It definitely has a focused message, that of redemption against all odds. And a lot happens.”… “Several techniques are used to achieve this effect. Glide shots, ceiling shots, and steady sequences reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, where dialogue is implied rather than heard.” Visit to read more!

Reviews for the original short film of ROSE…

Short Film ROSE Reviewed By Chip Parton, Sins of Cinema:

“I really enjoy these British independent films. They’re a quick, entertaining watch that deliver on the goods. Rose has it all- rape, drug dealers, blunt force trauma, and gunfights, all within a 25 minute run time. The story is rapid, just like it should be. The acting is great, and the camera work is impressive to say the least.”

Short Film ROSE Reviewed By Michael

There’s something about a Kemal Yildirim film. Just what it is isn’t easy to put your finger on. But it’s certainly there. In spades.

His short film Rose is based on a true story and shot, in his own words, on a “miraculous” budget. This might contribute to the film feeling something like an early performance of Shakespeare, where the key actors apparently pulled together to get the most out of their modest resources…” to read more click here.


DISTRIBUTION DEAL LANDED! Rose the film is coming soon to a place near you! Due for release early 2014 with Shami Media, get the latest buzz and release dates from our official site, see photos, watch trailers PLUS an exclusive NEW video – a sneak preview of “A Thousand Faces” a fly on the wall feature documentary directed by Jack James to support the release of Rose following my Directorial journey in making this story watch it here NOW: .

ROSE OFFICIAL AWARD WINNER! ‘ROSE’ directed by Kemal Yildirim was awarded the 2012 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Cinematic Vision Award. Currently developing his directing style and technique Yildirim sees this as a huge contribution to his accolade and it is with humble thanks to the cast and crew who also dedicated their time and energy to visualise ROSE, “this award belongs to everyone all of whom should be proud, but more importantly this is for you [the real] Rose,” Yildirim.

ROSE OFFICIAL SELECTION AT LIFF! ROSE the film has been officially selected to screen at the London Independent Film Festival 2012, the premier event in the UK for indie films. Sunday 15th April 2012 22:30 at Shortwave near London Bridge. A fantastic opportunity to watch this film. Get your ticket now:

ROSE IS COMPLETE! The most gritty urban drama story of our time, set in Hellville, an unspoken world that exists near you. This feature length drama film is complete as of January 2012, scheduled for festival exhibition, seeking sales agents and distribution. Please contact info@kemalyildirim to register your interest.

ROSE IS HERE! It’s official. Rose is now in production, the realisation is here, all these months of long days and nights of pre-production, planning, co-ordinating, scheduling, sourcing, casting, set building, rewriting, acting workshops, etc, etc… Rose is here!

ROSE THE FEATURE FILM IS IN PRE-PRODUCTION! Its April 2011 and the creative team have set up ROSE HQ where the crazy journey of pre-production begins. The whole thing is so surreal.

KEMAL YILDIRIM’S ‘ROSE’ THE FEATURE FILM IS IN DEVELOPMENT! The feature film stems from Kemal’s short film “Rose” based on a true story filmed in 2008.  Having sparked media attention and interest Kemal is now developing the film with award winning writer Stephen Loveless. Watch this space and if you wish to get involved or want more details email

KEMAL YILDIRIM’S ‘RoSE’ PREMIERED IN NORTHAMPTON, the charity screening in Kemal’s home town was a success raising over £600. Funds raised went to registered charities CAN (County of Northampton Council on Addiction - £355) and NRICC (The Northamptonshire Rape & Incest Centre - £250) the event was also recognised and supported by EVAW (End Violence Against Women).

BBC RADIO NORTHAMPTON INTERVIEWED ‘ROSE’ DIRECTOR in December 2008 to discuss the Northampton charity screening and exciting times ahead.

‘RoSE’ EXCLUSIVELY PREMIERED IN MANCHESTER on 13th November 2008. The extravagant red carpet affair welcomed the young British Director accompanied with the main cast and crew which received much media attention.

KEMAL YILDIRIM’S ‘RoSE’ WAS SCREENED AT CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2008. This received great interest and the short film is now being developed into a feature film.

CREW for ROSE the Feature Film:

Director/Producer - Kemal Yildirim

Writer/1st Assistant Director - Stephen Loveless

Production Manager - Saima Yildirim

Production Liaison - Monica Sandansamy

Documentary film maker - Jack James

2nd Assistant Dirtector - Raine

3rd Assistant Director - Monty Kazmi

Director of Photography - Jason Impey

1st Assistant Camera/Stills photography - Guy Joynson

2nd Assistant Camera/Sound Operator - Alexander Kelly

Sound operator/Sound designer - Aurelien Folie

3rd Assistant Camera/Focus Puller - Rob Storey

Make-up artist/Designer - Jenny Buckland

Make-up Assistant - Niah Hallam

Musical Composer - Elaine Hartley

Directer PA: Corina Hobbs

1st Assistant Director PA: Bernice Hobbs

Production Assistants - Azeem Choudhry - Levi Johnson

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  1. nice film kemal well made and done nice mate

    Comment by ayub — 24 November, 2008 @ 6:24 pm

  2. weldone kem lovely work i am happy for u u keep it ok love u lots take care love ozzie

    Comment by ozzie — 18 December, 2008 @ 10:31 am

  3. cant wait to see this film i was one of the extras in it and it was the best day ever

    Comment by steven holland — 15 August, 2013 @ 7:48 pm

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