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Friday, July 1, 2011

ROSE is Here!

Official Film Website:

It’s official. Rose is now in production, the realisation is here, all these months of long days and nights of pre-production, planning, co-ordinating, scheduling, sourcing, casting, set building, rewriting, acting workshops, etc, etc… Rose is here!

It’s Sunday 10th July on a lovely summers day with a gentle breeze, Rose and her young daughter Ellie are walking across a field passing by a shallow brook of water. All alone in this field we capture heart felt moments between mother and daughter. The production could not have started any better.

Tuesday 12th July, Blondie the czar of Hellville is here, having landed in the UK from Turkey his kingdom awaits his arrival. We will be filming the grand introduction of evil himself this week to then steam roll into a jam packed 2 week shooting schedule as of Monday 18th July - Sunday 31st July.

The shoot is going to be a massive emotional and physical journey for all involved and to get this far is an amazing achievement. This film has brought together a mind blowing cast, a dedicated crew and as a team we will endure all that is thrown at us. There is no going back now, ROSE has a purpose and we have an important story to tell.

A few words from the Director Kemal: “It’s down to the wire: budget; getting things ready for the shoot; getting it right - everything! This film has my heart and soul in it and everyone is working hard on it. It’s a lot of pressure but I can’t believe we’re here, Rose is here… It’s time to have some serious fun!”

Coming soon: Documentaries on behind the scenes of ROSE in pre-production! Watch this space!!

Thank you all for your continued support and spread the word! Keep up to date on news and gossip by liking Rose the Film Facebook page and share it with your friends, follow Rose the Film on Twitter too! Join the movement! Join the hype! Rose is here!!

ALSO: We Want Extras!

Crowd extras for fight scenes:  Sat 23rd July 2011.

Clubbing extras for club scenes: Sun 24th &/or Mon 25th July 2011.

Volunteers who wish to join the ROSE project please email ASAP!

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