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Monday, November 1, 2010

Films Films Films!!

The change in season leaves us to reflect on our achievements thus far as we slowly approach the end of 2010… It’s been a busy one in the filmmaking world of Kemal Yildirim.

November brings the first ever EXCLUSIVE screening of ‘Shades of a Killer’; an all action movie to be premiered at the resident sociable screening venue The Picturedrome Northampton. I will be celebrating the journey behind my 90 minute film, what existed as a college project since 1999 ‘Shades of a Killer’ has overcome an infinite number of obstacles and as a result has been re-made, reduxed and now refined for all to enjoy :o).


Shades of a Killer‘ directed by Kemal Yildirim

“…a directorial style reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino and other masters of film noir.”

Sunday 28th November 2010 7:30pm

@ The Picturedrome Northampton NN1 4BN (Free Entry).

Halloween reminded me of fun times filming ‘Tales of the Dead’, my horror anthology told in a classic Amicus style featuring some award winning short films. Picked up for international distribution through Chemical Burn earlier this year the film is now receiving rave reviews from the media which is great to see.

Tales of the Dead is not for the weak of heart.” MC, ”…shows promise and a real love for the horror genre.” Mondo Digital.

To purchase your copy of ‘Tales of the Dead’ click here.

This time of year also spurred me to make a halloween inspired film Tricks and Treats’ with my family which was great fun who knows maybe I have created budding filmmakers of the future. To watch ‘Tricks and Treats’ click here.

Back to business, principal photography of my zombie horror feature starring Jennifer Chippendale as ‘The Zombie Hunter’ is complete. Written by Ali Yildirim and shot in seven days in July the film had unbelievable odds against the cast and crew… I will be sure to document this for your viewing pleasure! The film is in the edit room so watch this space for exclusive trailers coming soon!!

Dillon & Stacy In Danger

While we are on the subject of zombies Jason Impey’s ‘The Turning’ is in final stages of post production. As producer and lead actor (Dillon) in the film I am proud of it’s near completion. May I remind you that I had the honour of acting alongside horror icon Eileen Daly who was an absolute treasure to work with. The film is to appear in DVD World, Shock Horror Magazine and The Zombie Times.

I have also co-produced and starred as Doug Hanson, a corrupted officer of the law in Jason Impey’s ‘Psychopaths’, a redux definitive version of his controversial exploitation epic ‘Tortured’. The film has seen various editions and cuts however Impey can proudly announce that this is the one which I am honoured to be a part of.

One year on and my drama feature ‘Secrets’ is going back into production. The film was screened in Cannes 2010 and received great reviews however I am making the decision to refine this organic piece of work. I am excited about the fundamental changes I am making after which I can truely say that the film will be complete for release in 2011.

Film Forum: if you wish to contribute any film reviews to be posted on this site please email me

Not long now until we’ll be thinking of new year’s resolutions for 2011… it’s going to be a manic year for sure! To read more about the above projects or any other of my films checkout the links on the right. I wish you all well.

Regards Kemal :o)

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