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Friday, May 14, 2010

Secrets To Premier In Cannes

It’s official ‘Secrets’ Is premiering in the film capital ‘Cannes’

With two screenings already booked and more dates being added to the Cannes tour we are overwhelmed at what we have achieved so far. More updates and pictures after the screenings. A UK tour is currently being organized so watch this space.

“The Turning”

Starring Kemal Yildirim Currently In Production

The new feature film from underground film maker Jason Impey and starring Kemal Yildirim is set for a 2010 release. A combination of social drama and extreme gore “The Turning”

Dillon & Stacy In Danger

Dillon & Stacy In Danger

“Desire leads to murder, Murder leads to passion and passion leads to The Turning”

Jason Impey is an award winning film-maker who’s passion for making shocking horror films has not gone unnoticed being touted as the English “Andreas Schnass” and continuing his prolific output “The Turning” is his 13th Feature Film and looks to be his most ambitious and engaging film yet.

Trapped With No Escape

Trapped With No Escape

A deadly affair leads to a brutal murder which takes Dillon and Stacy into an evil world of the UNDEAD”

Film maker Kemal Yildirim who is Jason Impey’s Collaborator and acts as his co-producer as well as his Director Of Photography steps in front of the camera to star as “Dillon Slater” a man who is running from the dark side of his life until one day the girl he once loved reaches to him for help set against a back drop of apocalyptic Zombie-doom.

Stacy's slow transformation

Stacy's slow transformation

More details coming soon! For more details go to “The Turning” Page

A Promo For “The Turning’

Kemal Yildirim as Dillon Slater
Lianne Robertson as Stacy Gallagher
Rami Hilmi as Quaid Hess
Max James Fellows as Michael Gallagher

Co-Producer/Writer/Director    Jason Impey

Co-Producer                              Kemal Yildirim

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