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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tales of the Dead-International Distribution

The official dvd cover

The official dvd cover

My first internationally distributed film ‘Tales of the Dead’ will be hitting stores soon. An anthology in the style of an Amicus film with four short tales wrapped around a halloween party where five friends are trying to out do each other with more disturbing stories than the last.

The film contains award winning film ‘Less Is More’ which was shown as apart of ‘Zone Horrors’ ten best short films, ‘Wolf Cry’ nominated best horror at the ‘EOTP’ film festival 2009, ‘Penance’ a giallo inspired exploitation yarn and ‘Missing’ about a cursed street told in a modern Blair Witch style.

The release will feature special features and will be available soon watch this space for details…

Crossed Paths

I recently was asked to direct a university film as a part of their final dissertation piece. Shot using the Mike Leigh methods of heavy improvisations and strong character development to establish a completely realistic set of characters. The actors never knew what the story was about and knew nothing about the other characters unless they had a previous connection. I also used the teachings of Sandford Meisner so the actors could reach a complete sense of realism within each scene and really feel they we’re in the moment.

I am extremely proud of the project and the way the actors relished the challenge of not knowing where they were going within the story, they would simply exist within the world I created I will be posting a trailer on my site as soon as one is ready.

Special Thanks:

To Jason Impey for your help once again

& The University of Northampton for their support

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