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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Commended in Bittersweet Review

Kemal Yildirim is proud to be commended as Director of Photography in Alex Bakshaev’s arthouse film ‘Bittersweet’:

“…stylish lighting and use of colour, imaginative camera angles and lengthy passages of contemplative solitude…

Aesthetically, BITTERSWEET transcends it’s meagre origins and frequently looks stunning - particularly in the latter moments. Kemal Yildirim’s photography adds gravitas to the already unsettlingly otherworldly situations…” Stuart Willis, Sex Gore Mutants.

‘Bittersweet’ provided Kemal the opportunity to explore arthouse in camera and as Alex’s editor of choice for the film Kemal was only too pleased to receive the recognition.

“I worked on Bittersweet whilst making my short film Rose. It was a challenge to say the least during production and in post, especially after completing the edit in two working days! It was a pleasure to work on and am pleased for Alex, I hope the film gets out there to a wider audience” Kemal Yildirim.

To read the full review on ‘Bittersweet’ visit

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