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Sunday, November 15, 2009

All New & Coming Soon!!

Exclusive News!

“Secrets” in the Can!!

“Secrets” the all new realist drama film from Kemal Yildirim. What started as a short has now evolved into a feature length movie on friendship; stemmed from innocence, enthralled by hidden angst and destroyed by love. Shot in the vein of Mike Leigh in 7 shooting days using 35mm lenses with an improvised script this film is a strong collaborative effort between Director and cast to develop the characters and plot to produce such realism. The film is near completion having wrapped the last film shoot in November and in post-production to begin touring film festivals in the New Year.. Check out the exclusive promo trailer here.

“St. Elmo’s Fire” meets “Right at Your Door” where “a night of fun turns to a night of truths”.

For details or to get involved contact

Kemal Yildirim’s “Rose” Not Forgotten

The feature film is in development with award winning writer Stephen Loveless and making waves in the industry… our lips are sealed for now! Watch this space!!

The Film Forum

Are you like me? Completely obsessed with film and anything to do with it? Do you spend hours agonising over the new remake of your favourite film or analysing all the classics? Then we have a lot in common. I will be publishing regular articles on the Film Forum and the only common thread is Film. You can contribute and feature on the Film Forum too so get writing! Your article can be any length and subject as long as it’s film related and email to

We are looking for regular contributors so contact me for more details.

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