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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Developments

The world is going “Exploitation” crazy. Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey held an exclusive screening of the Grindhouse film in the London’s oldest running cinema, The Phoenix, to an unsuspecting audience. To say they were shocked was an understatement; five people walked out, finding the film to sickening and disturbing to watch…..

“Fantastic, that was the response we we’re going for” say directors/Producers  Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey.  “We are trying to recreate the double bill cinema of the 60’s & 70’s. We are fans of that cinema ourselves and are disappointed with the recent films”.

The screening was a great success with some major magazines and distributors knocking at the door. The time has come for the distribution part of this adventure; the worst nightmare of all independent filmmaker’s. So far, there is major interest in “Exploitation”, with seven major distributors in talks with Kemal & Jason. Who are really excited about this project and are in talks about funding for their future productions.

GoreZone magazine is featuring a two page article on Exploitation-the movie including an interview & review of the movie as a well as a regular spot on future productions.

An unrated / uncut director’s edition of “Exploitation” is available as a fantastic six disc box set. It includes the making of documentary’s /audio commentaries/Trailers/Stills & Artwork gallery’s with  special limited  edition lobby cards in a deluxe full colour dvd cover for the amazing price of £15.99(+pp). For your copy, or more info, contact Kemal & Jason on



Jason Impey & Kemal Yildirim have merged to form an umbrella company called

Company Logo

Company Logo

This company is in association GoreZone Magazine/GoreZone TV who have asked Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey to handle all their film & TV media content (Regular film & tv show featuring interviews & reviews of new horror movies/A series of 30mins tv shows based in the horror genre).

Exploitation Pictures is slated to produce a tv series linked with a high profile terrestrial satellite channel (TBC) In association with GoreZone Magazine.

END TRANSMISSION Dir/Producers Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey newest 30 minute short is being featured as GoreZone’s Tv launch on their horror weekend on the 18th & 19th October 2008 this is big news the event is being screened live on Sci-Fi channel  and being attended by some very high profile celebrities and media types (buy your tickets from )

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