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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ to screen in Northampton

Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ based on a true story…

Charity Film Screening:

7pm, 15th January 2009

The Picturedrome, Northampton

£5.00 entry at the door, raffle and auction

Kemal Yildirim’s ‘Rose’ is a story of one girl’s struggle to escape the prison of prostitution and reclaim her life from the vicious circle of poverty and drugs she has been locked into from an early age. Her name is Rose. This is her true story.

Funds raised from the night will be donated to charities that support issues highlighted in the film:

CAN - County of Northampton Council on Addiction

“Hi, Kemal. We are deeply grateful that you intend to help CAN through the screening of your film and are proud to have an association with you…” Andy Shaw, Fundraising Coordinator, CAN.

NRICC - The Northamptonshire Rape & Incest Centre

The event is also recognised and supported by EVAW - End Violence Against Women

For more details email

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  1. Hi Kemal

    Had to shoot off for babysitter last night, but just wanted to say how impressed I was with your work. I enjoyed the production, there was some great mobile cinematography with excellent framing and difficult shooting in low light, the performances were strong, which showed how comfortable the cast were to be directed by you.

    I agree that you should try to extend the idea to a feature length. At the moment the narrative is a series of events that an audience might be familiar with and the extra time will give you the time to develop your characters and inject the action with something unique and give the characters the depth they need. It will only be when you get financial support that you can develop production values and audio mix, but at the moment the technical quality is very good indeed.
    I can honestly say that some of the sequences were amongst the most gritty and down to earth I have seen and it takes a lot of bravery to represent issues and stories that don’t sit comfortably with a lot of people, or at least the cosy themes that most mass audiences want. The whole text and event showed a lot of heart and it looks like you have established a strong team around you.

    Like I said, I hope you can show some of your shorts at Film Lab and it would be great to get your other work screened to a wider audience, so I hope to see you soon. Congratulations on a job well done and a very successful evening.

    Comment by russell heyworth — 17 January, 2009 @ 6:19 pm

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