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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Check out three NEW reviews on ROSE, reviewed by Spling, Unsung Films and Kemal Yildirim’s drama film is due for release in 2014 with Shami Media.

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Angeliki Coconi ,

“Kemal Yildirim’s brave independent drama is not easy to watch - especially not by a woman. Rose is a story full of pain, violence, injustice and vicious cycles. But it’s also one of redemption and long-awaited, much-needed relief.” Visit to read more!

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Stephen Aspeling,

“…redeemed by Yildirim’s vision for the project, taking it to so very real and dark places with a flair for the cinematic. The cinematography is always fascinating, the performances (especially Mitchell’s) keep us locked into the world of Hellville and there’s an ever-present air of unpredictability and danger.” to read more visit Spling!

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Michael Clark,

“It definitely has a focused message, that of redemption against all odds. And a lot happens.”… “Several techniques are used to achieve this effect. Glide shots, ceiling shots, and steady sequences reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, where dialogue is implied rather than heard.” Visit to read more!

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