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Friday, November 14, 2008

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KEMAL YILDIRIM’S ‘RoSE’ EXCLUSIVELY PREMIERED at Manchester hot spot the Ikan Restaurant, Lounge and Bar on 13th November 2008.

Kemal Yildirim at exclusive 'Rose' premier

The extravagant red carpet affair welcomed the young British Director accompanied with the main cast and crew of ‘Rose’. The venue screened a selection of Kemal Yildirim’s films to socialites before exclusively premiering ‘Rose’ which received much media attention.

‘Rose’ is a social drama, “the film is about Rose dealing with the difficulties of life, where she tries to deal with her drug addiction and having lost her child to social services. It’a also a love story: Rose’s love for her child and the love that her and Tony (Rose’s lover) share. ‘Rose’ really is a modern day Romeo and Juliet…” says Director Kemal Yildirim.

The short film was shot on location in urban Northampton with the film set based amidst a tower block jungle setting the tone for the film. Rose is a complicated character from a broken background played by new talent and lead actress Helen Clifford. The story of Rose is based on true events that happened to someone close to Kemal therefore it was imperitive that she was portrayed correctly, Helen Clifford rised to the challenge and delivered a fantastic performance. “The character (Rose) was cemented in the form of what it was and Helen managed to bring true innocence to the character so the audience could feel sorry for her. That is what I needed” says Kemal.

Established actor Jack Marsden (Heartbeat, My Kingdom, The Cops) plays Tony, the lover to Rose and the right hand man of drug pushing gangster pimp Blondie, played by up and coming actor Rami Hilmi (Exploitation The Movie, Extraordinary Rendition). The controversial film plays a graphic rape scene which was very emotional to film, not only for the actors but for Kemal Yildirim who based the character on actual events. “Kemal is a risk taker as a director and gives the chance to actors to show different styles, genres and emotions and he challenges me… especially with the rape scene” says Rami Hilmi. With a star cast, astounding performances and tight scripting from Alexander Bakshaev, ‘Rose’ has captured media attention and is on the cards to be made into a feature film forcasted to take the UK by storm.

This was a very sensitive subject so Kemal takes no liberty in a bit of light banter on set (evident from the ‘Making of’ documentary), to keep spirits high. Also, what was lacking in financial backing was certainly made up by commitment and support from all those involved, “There is a lot of energy and focus and the final cut of the film is going to be amazing” says Rami Hilmi and Jack Marsden said that “everybody has a part to play to make the whole thing work.” The film boasts on screen charisma, quality special effects make-up, an original soundtrack and in terms of behind the scenes, the cast and crew have all come together and taken the project on as their own to realise Kemal Yildirim’s vision.

The twenty minute film ‘Rose’ was shot over a period of two days by the dedicated independant filmmaking team working under the film production company ‘Exploitation Pictures’. Jack Marsden commends Kemal on his passion for film “Carry on doing what your doing Kemal. If I can do anything- if I find the money for Kemal and his team to extrapolate, I mean we filmed a twenty minute film in two days, that is ridiculous! That is soap territory and hard hard work and if we could do that in feature film territory then we could have a serious future.”

The underlying message is that this is an underground UK production representing true British talent. Director Kemal Yildirim wanted to personally thank everyone who took part in the film, “what we managed to achieve on a small timescale and budget was nothing short of a miracle and that is down to everyone taking this project on board and not feeling like they’re making someone else’s film but their own film and taking it in their hearts. Thank you, that means a lot to me.”

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Click here to view the ‘Rose’ synopsis and promotional trailer from director Kemal Yildirim, (’Rose’ contains scenes of violence, nudity and bad language which may offend).

Hot News! Exploitation Pictures, co-owners Kemal Yildirim and Jason Impey, are currently in pre-production with GoreZone Magazine and are set to produce and direct ‘Labour Day’ an exciting UK horror feature. More Exclusive News Coming Soon To Kemal Yildirim’s Blog!!

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