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Sunday, September 7, 2008



Kemal Yildirim’s film The BloodWolf Legacy has gone back into production. With a new script and story structure in place and a new sense of direction this looks to be a promising production, “I was in a different place in my life when making the BloodWolf, I was working 40 to 80 hours a week and shooting in my spare time and the film suffered. I had immense help it was a small crew of me, Ali Yildirim, Saima Yildirim and Monica Sandanasamy who took on all of the roles of a production crew. We have never really been happy with the end result and this Re-Dux gives us a chance to make the story we always wanted to make. Having Ali Yildirim Re-writing the story is an exciting experience knowing how brilliant his stories and scripts are gives me the confidence that I will have the BloodWolf I always envisioned”. Production is due to commence in early 2009 with a fantastic cast and a crew of very talented people, this looks to be a very promising production. If you are interested in this production in regards of talent or crew or wish to invest financially contact


Kemal Yildirim has been asked by GoreZone Magazine to be their official model for the GoreZone weekend of horrors “I was stunned when they asked me but really excited, I am going to have extensive special effects make-up done by Robbie Drake (Night Breed). It’s something I have always wanted to experience and they’re going to make me into an inbred monster - brilliant!” This is an exclusive make up show so watch this space for pictures and updates. GoreZone TV will be screening the make up process on their website after their event in October so look out for that one


The exclusive interview with Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey will be in GoreZone magazine this month. It is to include a film review of Exploitation the movie and a candid talk with the directors so go and buy your copy at your nearest store!!


Kemal’s much anticipated film “ROSE” is complete and a special screening is being held in a prestigious Manchester venue with a host of producers, casting agents and celebrities attending. The event is a joint venture between Jack Marsden and Kemal Yildirim with Jack organising the event in collaboration with Kemal to launch a string of upcoming co-productions. This is an invite only event, if you are interested in attending or you wish to find out more about this production which screened in Cannes 2008 and received favourable reviews then contact Kemal on


Kemal Yildirim & Jason Impey’s film End Transmission is reaching a massive audience, being broadcast live each month on the GoreZone website and receiving hits well into the hundred thousands!! GoreZone are so happy with End Transmission and have announced that they will be handling the distribution exclusively through their magazine and on their online store. Look out for that after its air play on

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