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Thursday, April 12, 2012

ROSE Official Selection at LIFF 2012

We are pleased to announce that ROSE the film has been officially selected to screen at the London Independent Film Festival 2012, the premier event in the UK for indie films. This will be the first public screening of ROSE following subsequent screenings to cast and crew and of course the real ‘Rose’.

Based on a true story ROSE challenges commercial filmmaking whereby it does not glamourise the lifestyle surrounding Rose, her oppressor Blondie and her environment Hellville. Director Kemal Yildirim thanks charity CAN and the real Rose for their support as this helped Kemal keep the film true to itself, and with the greatest respect ROSE has already touched the hearts of real survivors of trafficking and drugs. We only hope that this screening is the first of many to get the film to its deserving audience, so if you care please share.

ROSE the film is screening at LIFF, Sunday 15th April 2012 20:30 at Shortwave, London. A fantastic opportunity to watch this film. Get your ticket now:

Thanks for your support.

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