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Thursday, January 30, 2014


MALADY to tour festivals 2014.

Malady has been one of Kemal’s best creative projects to date with a fantastic cast and crew, a dark drama feature film directed by Jack James and co-produced with Kemal Yildirim who is also lead actor in the film. Malady has just completed post production and is now ready to launch upon the cinematic world touring festivals internationally.

Check out the trailer for Malady here…

For acquisitions and film festival interest please visit

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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Check out three NEW reviews on ROSE, reviewed by Spling, Unsung Films and Kemal Yildirim’s drama film is due for release in 2014 with Shami Media.

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Angeliki Coconi ,

“Kemal Yildirim’s brave independent drama is not easy to watch - especially not by a woman. Rose is a story full of pain, violence, injustice and vicious cycles. But it’s also one of redemption and long-awaited, much-needed relief.” Visit to read more!

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Stephen Aspeling,

“…redeemed by Yildirim’s vision for the project, taking it to so very real and dark places with a flair for the cinematic. The cinematography is always fascinating, the performances (especially Mitchell’s) keep us locked into the world of Hellville and there’s an ever-present air of unpredictability and danger.” to read more visit Spling!

Feature Film ROSE Reviewed by Michael Clark,

“It definitely has a focused message, that of redemption against all odds. And a lot happens.”… “Several techniques are used to achieve this effect. Glide shots, ceiling shots, and steady sequences reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, where dialogue is implied rather than heard.” Visit to read more!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

My film ROSE has secured Distribution!

Rose the film is coming soon to a place near you!

Due for release early 2014 with Shami Media, get the latest buzz and release dates from my film’s official site, see photos, watch trailers PLUS an exclusive NEW video – a sneak preview of “A Thousand Faces” a fly on the wall feature documentary directed by Jack James to support the release of Rose following my Directorial journey in making this story.

Rose the film need your support! Like our Facebook page! Follow Us on Twitter! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kemal Yildirim Wins Award for Rose

We are proud to announce that ‘ROSE’ directed by Kemal Yildirim was awarded the 2012 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Cinematic Vision Award.

The feature film was completed only four months ago so it is with great pleasure to receive such recognition for what is an incredible project based on a true story. Currently developing his directing style and technique Yildirim sees this as a huge contribution to his accolade and it is with humble thanks to the cast and crew who also dedicated their time and energy to visualise ROSE, “this award belongs to everyone all of whom should be proud, but more importantly this is for you [the real] Rose,” Yildirim.

The future is indeed very exciting for all involved, especially when ROSE has only just started it’s journey on the festival circuit. ROSE was also previously screened at the London Independent Film Festival in April 2012 and continues to raise funds for local charity CAN who are proud to be associated with the film.

Please show your support for ROSE in getting the film out there! Please Like and Share!!

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Thank You!!!!!!! :-D

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

ROSE Official Selection at LIFF 2012

We are pleased to announce that ROSE the film has been officially selected to screen at the London Independent Film Festival 2012, the premier event in the UK for indie films. This will be the first public screening of ROSE following subsequent screenings to cast and crew and of course the real ‘Rose’.

Based on a true story ROSE challenges commercial filmmaking whereby it does not glamourise the lifestyle surrounding Rose, her oppressor Blondie and her environment Hellville. Director Kemal Yildirim thanks charity CAN and the real Rose for their support as this helped Kemal keep the film true to itself, and with the greatest respect ROSE has already touched the hearts of real survivors of trafficking and drugs. We only hope that this screening is the first of many to get the film to its deserving audience, so if you care please share.

ROSE the film is screening at LIFF, Sunday 15th April 2012 20:30 at Shortwave, London. A fantastic opportunity to watch this film. Get your ticket now:

Thanks for your support.

Read more ROSE official website - Watch trailers YouTube

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We are seeking sales agents and distribution, please contact to register your interest.

Rose the Film Ltd © 2012 All Rights Reserved.
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Always Looking to do Something Different.


…Based on a True Story.

Produced/Directed by Kemal Yildirim.

Feature length drama film complete as of January 2012, scheduled for festival exhibition, seeking sales agents and distribution. Please contact info@kemalyildirim to register your interest.

The most gritty urban drama story of our time, set in Hellville, an unspoken world that exists near you.

Rose is a hopeful woman broken by drugs, prostitution and Blondie, the Czar of Hellville. Struggling to support her habit, Rose finds herself and her six year old daughter at Hellville’s mercy. When Rose betrays Blondie turning tricks behind his back, she and her daughter endure many hardships, including the fight to protect themselves from Blondie’s brutal iron grip, in pursuit of her dream to reclaim their lives.

Rose the Film Ltd © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

To read more check out the official website:

ROSE the film needs your help! We have set up a funding campaign to subsidise the cost of exhibiting ROSE internationally to reach the audience the film deserves.

We need your support and now is a good a time as any, anyone can contribute from as little as $10. In return you have our gratitude and of course perks including film credits and signed copies of the film!

Visit our page on Indie Go Go to read more and contribute:

‘The Raven’

Award Winning Horror Short.

Directed by Kemal Yildirim.

Kemal humbly accepted his award this weekend for The Raven, an adaptation of an Edgar Allen Poe tale which received Best Horror Short at The End of the Pier International Film Festival Awards Ceremony at Bognor Regis. This is Kemal’s second award from the EOTP following his award for Flicker, Best Experimental Short in 2009.

‘Shades of a Killer’

Produced/Directed by Kemal Yildirim.

An all action feature film of an assassins story where “some things are worth fighting for.” Distribution by Maxim Media, Shades of a Killer is scheduled for release on 6th March 2012.


Feature horror film producers head hunts Kemal Yildirim as Director. Kemal has joined a collaborative team to go into production in summer 2012. More details coming soon!!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

ROSE is Here!

Official Film Website:

It’s official. Rose is now in production, the realisation is here, all these months of long days and nights of pre-production, planning, co-ordinating, scheduling, sourcing, casting, set building, rewriting, acting workshops, etc, etc… Rose is here!

It’s Sunday 10th July on a lovely summers day with a gentle breeze, Rose and her young daughter Ellie are walking across a field passing by a shallow brook of water. All alone in this field we capture heart felt moments between mother and daughter. The production could not have started any better.

Tuesday 12th July, Blondie the czar of Hellville is here, having landed in the UK from Turkey his kingdom awaits his arrival. We will be filming the grand introduction of evil himself this week to then steam roll into a jam packed 2 week shooting schedule as of Monday 18th July - Sunday 31st July.

The shoot is going to be a massive emotional and physical journey for all involved and to get this far is an amazing achievement. This film has brought together a mind blowing cast, a dedicated crew and as a team we will endure all that is thrown at us. There is no going back now, ROSE has a purpose and we have an important story to tell.

A few words from the Director Kemal: “It’s down to the wire: budget; getting things ready for the shoot; getting it right - everything! This film has my heart and soul in it and everyone is working hard on it. It’s a lot of pressure but I can’t believe we’re here, Rose is here… It’s time to have some serious fun!”

Coming soon: Documentaries on behind the scenes of ROSE in pre-production! Watch this space!!

Thank you all for your continued support and spread the word! Keep up to date on news and gossip by liking Rose the Film Facebook page and share it with your friends, follow Rose the Film on Twitter too! Join the movement! Join the hype! Rose is here!!

ALSO: We Want Extras!

Crowd extras for fight scenes:  Sat 23rd July 2011.

Clubbing extras for club scenes: Sun 24th &/or Mon 25th July 2011.

Volunteers who wish to join the ROSE project please email ASAP!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Desire Is The Starting Point Of All Achievement-2011 Blog

“Desire  is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a  keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.”  Napoleon Hill

As one year eclipses another and I begin my journey into 2011 I can’t help but reflect on 2010’s accomplishments. 2010 was an eventful year with four feature films complete Shades of a Killer, Secrets, The Turning & Tales of the Dead which has been released on DVD by Chemical Burn Entertainment.

Also 2010 was a year of new creative partnerships when I was asked to direct two films for Carrot Napper Productions ‘The Ticket Collector’ & ‘The Raven’ it has been a pleasure working alongside Keith Large producer of Carrot Napper Productions so look out for updates on these two productions as they will be ready for the festival circuit over the next few months.

2011 looks to be my biggest year so far I kick off the year with my short film ‘Less is More’ being officially accepted into the “British Shorts” 4th Lichtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival which I am really excited about as it’s the first time one of my films will be playing in Germany. I am also preparing two feature films and am very excited about the future as I keep growing as a film maker and continue my journey.

“Keep  away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always  do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become  great.”  Mark Twain

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Films Films Films!!

The change in season leaves us to reflect on our achievements thus far as we slowly approach the end of 2010… It’s been a busy one in the filmmaking world of Kemal Yildirim.

November brings the first ever EXCLUSIVE screening of ‘Shades of a Killer’; an all action movie to be premiered at the resident sociable screening venue The Picturedrome Northampton. I will be celebrating the journey behind my 90 minute film, what existed as a college project since 1999 ‘Shades of a Killer’ has overcome an infinite number of obstacles and as a result has been re-made, reduxed and now refined for all to enjoy :o).


Shades of a Killer‘ directed by Kemal Yildirim

“…a directorial style reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino and other masters of film noir.”

Sunday 28th November 2010 7:30pm

@ The Picturedrome Northampton NN1 4BN (Free Entry).

Halloween reminded me of fun times filming ‘Tales of the Dead’, my horror anthology told in a classic Amicus style featuring some award winning short films. Picked up for international distribution through Chemical Burn earlier this year the film is now receiving rave reviews from the media which is great to see.

Tales of the Dead is not for the weak of heart.” MC, ”…shows promise and a real love for the horror genre.” Mondo Digital.

To purchase your copy of ‘Tales of the Dead’ click here.

This time of year also spurred me to make a halloween inspired film Tricks and Treats’ with my family which was great fun who knows maybe I have created budding filmmakers of the future. To watch ‘Tricks and Treats’ click here.

Back to business, principal photography of my zombie horror feature starring Jennifer Chippendale as ‘The Zombie Hunter’ is complete. Written by Ali Yildirim and shot in seven days in July the film had unbelievable odds against the cast and crew… I will be sure to document this for your viewing pleasure! The film is in the edit room so watch this space for exclusive trailers coming soon!!

Dillon & Stacy In Danger

While we are on the subject of zombies Jason Impey’s ‘The Turning’ is in final stages of post production. As producer and lead actor (Dillon) in the film I am proud of it’s near completion. May I remind you that I had the honour of acting alongside horror icon Eileen Daly who was an absolute treasure to work with. The film is to appear in DVD World, Shock Horror Magazine and The Zombie Times.

I have also co-produced and starred as Doug Hanson, a corrupted officer of the law in Jason Impey’s ‘Psychopaths’, a redux definitive version of his controversial exploitation epic ‘Tortured’. The film has seen various editions and cuts however Impey can proudly announce that this is the one which I am honoured to be a part of.

One year on and my drama feature ‘Secrets’ is going back into production. The film was screened in Cannes 2010 and received great reviews however I am making the decision to refine this organic piece of work. I am excited about the fundamental changes I am making after which I can truely say that the film will be complete for release in 2011.

Film Forum: if you wish to contribute any film reviews to be posted on this site please email me

Not long now until we’ll be thinking of new year’s resolutions for 2011… it’s going to be a manic year for sure! To read more about the above projects or any other of my films checkout the links on the right. I wish you all well.

Regards Kemal :o)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Secrets in Cannes 2010; The Turning Wrapped & fLicker Screens Again!!!!

Secrets‘ duped to be the new original quirky indie movie from Director Kemal Yildirim.

The drama feature film graced Cannes 2010 with two successful screenings. From the prestigious star studded screening at the world famous Carlton Hotel to the more underground urban screening with Cannes in a Van on La Croisette.

‘Secrets’ first exclusive screening was at film and party hot spot The Carlton Hotel hosting the Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage party on 13th May 2010. The film was screened as their main attraction to a packed out audience and received much media attention from the likes of BBC World, CNN, Aljazeera and France TV.

The second screening was of a more urban setting screened to movie goers streetside on La Croisette. ‘Secrets‘ featured on the last night of mobile film festival Cannes in a Van on 20th May 2010, showing real indie filmmaking at its best. Kemal was honoured to have ‘Secrets’ as the last feature film that ended the Cannes in a Van 2010 film festival tour.

‘Secrets’ in Cannes 2010 tour done! Director Kemal Yildirim would like to thank ‘Secrets’ actor Jack Marsden for representing the film in Cannes in his absence. Roll on UK promotional tour and international festivals… More updates on ‘Secrets’ coming soon!!

[Secrets - Dir: Kemal Yildirim - Starring: Helen Clifford; Leila Cox; Rami Hilmi; Jack Marsden; Lucy Victoria White and Kemal Yildirim]

The Turning Wrapped!

Whilst ‘Secrets’ was on tour in Cannes Kemal Yildirim was producing and starring as male lead ‘Dillon’ in ‘The Turning‘, all new zombie horror/action feature film from Director, collaborator and good friend Jason Impey. The film shoot wrapped last weekend and is already in post production! A formidable achievement from the duo producing and directing a feature film in 11 shooting days!!

“The shoot has been amazing! In a few words ‘The Turning’ is… zombies, guns, bullets, gore, forbidden love and not forgetting great action! I’ve really enjoyed being Dillon with his never ending battle against the odds you can’t help but root for the guy as things keep going from bad to worse. I’ve also had the privilege to star alongside UK horror icon Eileen Daly in The Turning who was an absolute pleasure on set! I’m so excited I can’t wait to see the end result!!” Kemal Yildirim.

Eileen Daly the Dark Angel and face of Redemption Films, actress, film producer, writer, model, poet and singer/songwriter. Also a well-known contemporary scream queen starring in numerous cult movies, Kemal’s favourite being Jake West’s ‘Razor Blade Smile’.

More updates on ‘The Turning’ coming soon!!

“Desire leads to murder, murder leads to passion and passion leads to The Turning”

[The Turning - Dir: Jason Impey - Starring: Kemal Yildirim; Eileen Daly; Lianne Robertson; Max James Fellows, Rami Hilmi and Jason Impey].

Award winning fLicker screens again!

Kemal is proud that his award winning experimental short film ‘fLicker’ was screened at Cinematopia @ Life: Lancashire International Film Festival on 23rd May 2010. CINEMATOPIA screened a weird and wonderful themed programme of SHORT FILM, MUSIC VIDEO, DIGITAL MEDIA and ANIMATION.

Presented by Kitsch Monkey Productions, Cinematopia Film Events have been hosted at Preston’s Mad Ferret music venue since 2008 as the only regular film event in the city! They recently joined forces with Kino International Film Festival in Manchester for a Kino Shorts Event so fLicker is likely to be screened again… watch this space!

[Flicker - Dir: Kemal Yildirim - Starring: Helen Clifford]

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